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Whether you are going through your insurance company or paying out of pocket for autobody work, you need a clear and reliable estimate of the cost before any work begins. River Street Collision offers a free estimate from our expert technicians, so that you can budget properly and there are no surprises when you get the bill. Our free estimate will show you that you are getting the best work for the best price.

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The sole purpose of this online estimation is to provide you a quick, approximate appraisal.

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We will beat any competitor’s written quotation by a minimum of 10%

  • When you are paying out of pocket for auto body work, every penny counts. We are up front with every step of the collision repair process at River Street Collision in Dedham.
    We will give an informed and reliable FREE estimate before any work begins. You can rely on our work and on our price.
  • If you choose us for your collision and accident repair, we are happy to offer free towing.
    We take care of our customers from the moment an accident occurs until you are driving your car again.
    As always, you can call us for emergency towing as well.

The River Street Collision Steps to Getting You Back in Your Car …

… and Back on the Road.


It is your choice where your car gets repaired. We offer a free estimate before any work begins so that you know you are getting the best work for the best price. We will also work with your insurance company to be sure everything is filed correctly, and they pay what it costs to make your car as good as new again.

STEP 2: Get a Loaner

We complete work on your vehicle quickly and with quality, but you will need temporary transportation while you wait. We’ll help you get the best deal on a rental and will work with your insurance company, if they cover part or all of the rental cost. We keep you updated on progress with the auto body work, so that you know when you will be back in your car again.

STEP 3: Get You Back in Your Car and Back on the Road.

We complete all work quickly, with quality, and at a fair and affordable price. Our goal is to get you back in your car and to have that car as good as new for you. It will be running well, looking good, and will be detailed and clean. Our reputation is based on your satisfaction with our work, so we will do the work right and beyond your expectations, getting you back on the road and on with your life.

After Choosing River Street Collision, Everything Will Be Repaired and You Will Be Driving Stress Free Again!

Why Choose Our Auto Body Shop & Paint...

With River Street Collision in Dedham, MA, you get an all-in-one auto body shop. Other places only do part of the work you need done. We offer collision repair, auto painting, auto restoration, headlight repair, frame work, and glass repair & replacement along with free towing, a free estimate, and free detailing inside and out when you have your auto body and collision repair service done with us. You can count on us to do all the work you need done in one shop. You get the best work at the best price with River Street Collision. We have the most skilled technicians and the most up-to-date technology to be sure color matches perfectly and your car looks better than new. We have served this community for over 40 years, and customers stay with us year after year for good reason.

Let us show you the difference River Street Collision makes for you and your car.

Free Towing

River Street Collision in Dedham, MA offers free towing when you choose us for your auto body repairs and service, and we offer emergency towing as well. When you are dealing we a collision or other damage to your car, we don’t want you to be left stranded. Call us so that we can come get you and get started right away on making your car right again. We will give you a free estimate before any work begins, and the tow is on us, if you decide to use us for your repairs.

Call us at 781.357.6006 and we’ll come get you!

Our Services

We provide best auto body shop service in the Dedham, MA

Auto Body Repair

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your auto body repair. We achieve that with expert technicians, 40 years of auto body service experience, and we care about our reputation and the quality of our work. Come to us for the Best auto body repair work the First time.

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We complete the auto body repair work right the first time. Our consistent quality auto body repair speaks for itself.

Auto Paint

Our auto paint system is state of the art, and our people know what they are doing. Our system and our people exceed the manufacturer’s specifications for crisp, perfect auto paint color every time.

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We do the auto paint work right, with the best quality, using the best equipment, and we deliver the completed auto paint job in a timely manner.

Auto Glass Repair

We have the parts and equipment to do any auto glass repairs and auto replacements you need. From a tiny crack, to the expanding crack you left unrepaired for just a little too long, to a complete break, we’ll have your vehicle back in shape with our auto glass replacement.

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Auto glass replacement is as stress-free an experience at River Street Collision as is possible. We match and seal correctly, so your car is better than new. We complete the least expensive auto glass replacement possible, but always with quality.

How can we help?

River Street Collision is here to make your car as good as new and to get you back on the road at the best price possible. When you are dealing with the aftermath of a collision, we offer free towing when you use us and will give a free estimate before work begins. We offer everything you need in our auto body shop: collision repair, frame repair, auto painting, headlight replacement, glass repair & replacement, auto restoration, and auto detailing interior & exterior. Everything you need is in one auto body shop with River Street Collision in Dedham, MA.

Here are just a few of the things we can do to help …

  • If you need to pay out of pocket, we’ll give you a fair, affordable, and upfront price.
  • We will work with your insurance company to be sure your claim is filed right for you.
  • When other shops won’t take your insurance, we work with ALL companies.
  • When you need towing after a collision before repairs begin …
  • When you need emergency towing …
  • When you need auto detailing …
  • We are here if you need to make an appointment on a Saturday.
  • Cracked windshields
  • Broken glass
  • Bent frames
  • A new paintjob
  • Color matching after an accident
  • If another shop botched your auto body paint or auto body work …
  • When you need to restore a classic or antique car …
  • Headlight repair or replacement
  • Dents
  • Bends
  • Broken pieces on your car
  • Extensive damage from a collision or accident
  • We are here if you are in the market for a reliable used car.

River Street Collision truly is your all-in-one auto body shop for your every auto body work need and more.


We Repair All Makes & Models

Jeep repair
Chevrolet repair
Nissan repair
Kia repair
Volvo repair
Ford repair
Toyota repair
Honda repair
Mercedes repair
BMW repair